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How to Apply the Taurus New Moon in Gate 2

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Taurus New Moon Gate 2

I believe we're connected with the universe in ways that don't make sense to our rational mind. I also believe systems such as Human Design provide tremendous insights and data for us to apply as practical guidance.


I believe the future belongs to those able to harmonize the physical, energetic, and mental planes.


As a Conscious Leader, this is your responsibility.



Tuesday, May 7th at 11:22pm EDT, we have a New Moon in Taurus Gate 2.


New Moons represent new beginnings. And with this New Moon taking place in the sign of Taurus, it amplifies themes of security and finances.


In the Line 5 of Human Design Gate 2, the energy supports the 'Intelligent Application' within the receptive energy of Gate 2.



You're supported in applying your intelligence and wisdom in practical ways... while embracing new beginnings and opportunities.


Use this energy to analyze and discern the best course of action for manifesting or bringing intentions to fruition. Trust in your inner guidance and intuition as you make decisions and take steps towards your goals.


Remain open to receiving insights, new ideas, and inspiration... while staying adaptable to adjusting your plans as needed.



As this energy embodies and represents the journey of aligning with one's true purpose and the universal flow, reflect on your direction and how you can more fully surrender to the journey of becoming who we are meant to be.


The high-frequency expression is being guided by one's own internal compass and remaining open and receptive to the abundance of life. This energy understands that everyone and everything are connected, and that separation is an illusion.


The low-frequency expression is lacking faith in the natural abundance of the universe and their ability to have their needs met. This can lead to reckless or irresponsible use of resources, and feeling isolated.


Do you have this defined in your chart? See here.




  • Cultivate Purposeful Receptivity: Use the energy of Gate 2 to deepen your connection to your life's purpose, allowing a sense of directed receptivity to guide your actions and decisions. Be open to the guidance that comes from within and from the universe.


  • Align with Universal Flow: Encourage an alignment with the universal flow, recognizing that your true path unfolds in synchronicity with the greater web of life. Trust in the journey and the timing of your evolution.


Things to reflect on...

(these are also great talking points for connecting & creating content as this energy is flavoring everyone's consciousness & experiences.)

  • Do you feel connected to your purpose?
  • How do you lead from & through your purpose?
  • Do you feel guided by a higher knowing?
  • What is your relationship with receiving?
  • How can you amplify receptivity and lean further in your inner compass? 


To your empowerment,


Futurist, Executive Energetic Coach, & Foresight Consultant


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