Fusing ancient wisdom with emerging techniques to accelerate both human and business potential... 

As the world continues to rapidly change, it is imperative to evolve along with it. To not only survive, but thrive in this rapidly changing environment, is to operate in accordance with one's strengths, the mechanics of their epigenetics, the synchronization with their subconscious and neuro pathways, and in congruence with the current and upcoming world & industry cycles.

The work we are doing here includes all of that and more, applied to both Executive Energetic Coaching and Business Consulting.

About Ashley Mosaic

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Ashley Mosaic Dickinson is an esteemed advisor to futurists and expert in the merging of spirituality, energetics, and digital innovation.

As a quantum researcher with a deep understanding of personal energetics and collective cycles, Ashley guides her clients into alignment with their soul, innate strengths, and the future.

Using a unique blend of coaching that encompasses astrological placements, epigenetics, and quantum physics, Ashley empowers purpose-driven leaders to align with their true purpose.

This in combination with her expertise in business strategy & development, where she merges personal energetics with predictive analysis, Ashley has played an instrument role in both the launching and recovery of several startup companies.

As a sought-after spiritual teacher, Ashley has touched the lives of countless individuals, guiding them towards self-discovery and helping them tap into their inner power and wisdom. Her insights and transformative teachings have earned recognition as a thought leader and luminary in the field.

Ashley is also the founder of KindaKind, a thriving kindness community that fosters compassion, connection, and positive change. Through this platform, Ashley has amplified her mission of spreading love and kindness to create a better world and more humanitarian future.

Driven by an unwavering passion for personal empowerment and belief in the good of humanity, Ashley stands as a trusted authority and catalyst for positive change. Her ability to inspire, transform, and ignite a sense of purpose in others sets her apart as a true visionary in the field.

Now here's my behind the scenes story...

I am here to illuminate the way forward and empower people to master reality using their energetics, subconscious mind and the collective cycles & shifts.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a strong external vision and ability to see where things are headed; how all the dots connect.

Guided by the illusive "why" on what has felt like a deeply spiritual, yet quantum, journey, I have studied and mastered a variety of energetic and astrological modalities.

As a researcher of epigentics, neuroscience, and quantum physics, I have merged my findings with the systems of astrology, human design and gene keys, creating a methodology for rapid individual alignment and reality mastery.

Applying these with my ability to meticulously track cycles and forecast trends, I help people and businesses align not only with their energetics and purpose... but also with the future, including cycles, shifts and trends.

It is through the use of these systems that I became an early adopter and educator in decentralized finance. In addition to accurately forecasting market cycles, areas of changing consumer demand, and even gave people a heads up in 2018 that the world would change forever in 2020.

In January of 2020, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node eclipsed my natal sun in as aspect that activated immense change in not only my life and consciousness, but also the collective.

This aspect occuring in Gate 61, Inner Truth, activated what many have since viewed as a 'collective awakening.'

Personally, having this occur on my natal sun (my point of consciousness) activated my purpose and path, catalyzing my awakening. What had been happening in bursts since age 3 (sudden moments of awakening and peaks behind the veil, followed by self-induced slumber) suddenly happened in an undeniable blast of conscious awareness - there was no going back to sleep.

This awareness sparked the desire and calling to change my name.  From Ashley Lauren, which has digital footprint tied to reality tv, to Ashley Mosaic, a name provided to me in a moment of synchronicity. My name now represents the creation of a life that is a work of art and compilation of all aspects of me and my life.

And now I help others do the same.

I am often tasked with explaining how I see what I see, and how my areas of expertise, which include personal energetics, market cycles and business, are connected... and the simplest way I have come to explain it is:

Everything in this reality comes down to data and energetics, and it is through the skillful decoding and application that we find all of the answers we seek.

Through this understanding, it makes sense why the most successful traders and investors in history were numerologists, astrologers and mathematicians.

It is also easy to understand why those in power rely on these systems and readily utilize this information... while the majority of the masses remain unaware, or ignorantly dismiss as useless.

From the ashes of the old and broken system, emerges a new paradigm.

I am here to compassionately guide people into the future and connect them deeply with their authenticity, purpose and inner truth. And I am here to do so with a wide open heart.

I am an advisor to futurists and their companies, who is here to bridge people to the future and connect them deeply with their authenticity, purpose and inner truth.