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Source Code 50: The Cauldron and Values

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Written by Futurist, Executive Coach, Consultant, & Speaker, Ashley Mosaic, who is a 1/4 Generator with Cross of Maya 4 and conscious sun in Source Code 61.

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Official Name in Human Design: The Cauldron and the Gate of Values

Purpose: Transform the frequency of groups by living your values

Human Design Definition: The value of historical continuity whose traditional values serve and enrich the present and future. Establishing the rules and laws of caring.

Core theme: Fear of responsibility

Body graph location: Spleen center, connecting to Sacral via Gate 27

Grounding energy: Ordering, Gate 3

Tropical astrology sign: Libra/Scorpio

Gene Keys: Corruption -> Equilibrium -> Harmony

I Ching: The Cauldron (Ting)

Date of solar transit (can vary by 1 to 2 days: October 20 - October 26

The 50th Gate, Key, and Hexagram embodies the energy of nurturing through values and the maintenance of societal and personal standards.


Defined in Chart: Those with Gate 50 defined in their charts often have a strong sense of values and ethics. They may feel a responsibility to maintain and uphold these standards in their personal life and within their community.

Sun Transit: When the sun transits through Gate 50, it brings a collective focus on reassessing and reinforcing values and standards. It's a time to consider what principles guide our actions and how they contribute to the greater good.

The high-frequency expression of this energy is transforming and harmonizing the vibration of a group to a frequency that is rooted in values and beliefs that will serve everyone.

The low-frequency expression of this energy is staying in groups despite awareness of corruption. As well as being persuaded into misaligned value due to fear, anger, or weak boundaries.


My personal experience:

I do not have this defined in my chart, however I have my north node in gate 27, the opposite side of this channel. This has shown up as a deep sensitivity and commitment to a path of service, however, experiences with poor boundaries have lead to concerns regarding responsibility for others.

Human Design Gate 50: Nurturing Harmony through Values and Equilibrium

Unveiling the Journey from Corruption to Cosmic Harmony


Quarter of Duality, the Realm of Jupiter
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Bonding
Mystical Theme: Measure for Measure
Gate 32 < Gate 50 > Gate 28


This Gate is part of the Channel of Preservation, A Design of Custodianship, linking the Splenic Center (Gate 50) with the Sacral Center (Gate 27). Gate 50 is part of the Tribal (Defense) Circuit with the keynote of support.

Each act of intimacy that results in a birth demands that the offspring of the union be nurtured into adulthood. Gate 50's mystical name is the Guardian. As the Tribal lawmaker, it establishes what is right or wrong. This is how and where the rules for caring become the source of moral conditioning for our children. At the core of the Tribe's defenses lies the Spleen's fear-driven mandate to maintain its own viability by protecting and guiding its young. We are here to guard the values and integrity of Tribal law, and the structures that uphold the well-being of the community. Our task is to be cognizant of which values or laws or rules safeguard how the Tribe cares for its own. Our instinctual awareness scrutinizes which are corrupt or unjust, unnecessary or self-serving, or need to be challenged and changed. This is our way of caring for and nurturing every aspect of life within the Tribe.

Without Gate 27 we may try to physically take care of others when it is not correct for us to do so, thus fulfilling our fear of taking on responsibility that we aren't equipped to handle.

Gene Key 50: The Alchemy of Equilibrium in Establishing Cosmic Harmony

From Ethical Integrity to Universal Harmony


“Everything that happens to us is for our higher benefit. We’re here to learn to live with Equanimity. Even shock has the capacity to lift us with Grace to another level of consciousness. As our equanimity, our Equilibrium becomes truly stable, we become unshakeable. We become truly peaceful. Our life opens up to a higher reality – a Harmony that lies hidden from view, but that’s communicated continuously to us from every cell within our DNA. As this Harmony expands inside us, we begin to function through our higher bodies.”

– Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


Gene Key 50, termed Cosmic Order, charts a profound journey from the Shadow of Corruption to the Siddhi of Harmony, with the critical intermediary being the Gift of Equilibrium. This pathway underscores the transformation from personal and societal imbalance to a state of cosmic alignment and harmony.

Shadow - Corruption:

  • The Shadow of Corruption in Gene Key 50 represents the misalignment of actions and principles, often manifesting as ethical compromises, dishonesty, or integrity breaches. This shadow suggests a disconnection from true values, leading to personal and collective disharmony.
  • Personal Application: Recognize where corruption, in its various forms, may influence your actions or environment. Strive to realign with your core values, fostering ethical integrity in your personal life and broader societal interactions.

Gift - Equilibrium:

  • The Gift of Equilibrium involves finding a balance between various aspects of life, ensuring that actions and decisions are grounded in fairness, justice, and ethical integrity. It’s about maintaining a steady state that aligns personal behavior with higher principles, contributing to overall harmony.
  • Personal Application: Embrace the gift of equilibrium by cultivating balance in your thoughts, actions, and relationships. Let your decisions be guided by a sense of fairness and justice, striving for an equilibrium that reflects your highest values and contributes to collective well-being.

Siddhi - Harmony:

  • The Siddhi of Harmony represents the ultimate expression of Gene Key 50. It signifies a state of cosmic harmony, where individual and collective actions are perfectly aligned with universal principles. In this state, personal and societal conduct resonates with the fundamental order of the universe, leading to a profound sense of peace and unity.
  • Personal Application: Aspire to attain a level of consciousness where your actions naturally emanate harmony. This state of being transcends personal ethics, resonating with a deeper universal order where every action contributes to the symphony of cosmic balance and unity.


Gene Key 50 invites us on an enlightening journey from the limitations of corruption, through the balance of equilibrium, to the expansive realm of harmony. This path teaches the importance of ethical integrity and balanced actions in contributing to a harmonious world, aligned with the cosmic order. By embracing this journey, individuals can become catalysts for positive change, fostering a world that reflects the highest principles of fairness, justice, and harmony.


I Ching Hexagram 50: Nurturing Transformation and Balance

The Cauldron of Change


You hold the power to become the master of your existence.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side,
which he never shows anyone. – Mark Twain


In the I Ching, Hexagram 50, often translated as "The Cauldron," symbolizes nourishment, transformation, and the maintenance of balance through change. It represents the concept of a cauldron that transforms ingredients into nourishing food, analogous to transforming various life elements into something harmonious and sustaining.

1. Embracing Transformation:

  • This hexagram emphasizes the process of transformation and the importance of combining various elements to create something valuable and sustaining. It suggests that change, when managed thoughtfully, can lead to positive and nourishing outcomes.
  • Personal Application: Reflect on how you can bring together different aspects of your life to create a harmonious balance. Embrace the transformative processes in your personal growth, relationships, and work.

2. Maintaining Ethical Standards:

  • Hexagram 50 also speaks to the importance of maintaining high ethical standards, especially in positions of authority or influence. It underscores that the integrity of the 'cauldron' is essential for the well-being of the community.
  • Personal Application: Uphold strong ethical principles in your actions and decisions. Recognize the impact of your integrity on the wider community and strive to be a positive influence.

3. The Role of Nurturing and Sustenance:

  • The hexagram conveys the necessity of nurturing and providing sustenance, whether in a family, community, or leadership role. It advises that care and consideration in how resources are managed and distributed are key to maintaining harmony and prosperity.
  • Personal Application: Practice nurturing and caring in your interactions and responsibilities. Ensure that your actions contribute positively to the well-being and sustenance of those around you.


Hexagram 50 from the I Ching teaches the art of harmonious transformation and the importance of maintaining balance and integrity through life’s changes. It reminds us that thoughtful combination and nurturing of life’s diverse aspects can create a harmonious and sustaining whole.

Integrating and Utilizing this Energy

  • Living by Values: Embrace and live according to your core values. Let your actions and decisions be guided by principles of integrity, fairness, and ethical conduct.
  • Creating Equilibrium: Strive to create balance in your personal life and in your interactions with others. Recognize that equilibrium is key to fostering harmony and well-being.
  • Contributing to Harmonious Order: Recognize your role in contributing to a harmonious societal order. Engage in actions that reflect a commitment to the greater good, aligning personal conduct with broader ethical and cosmic principles.


Gate 50, Key 50, and Hexagram 50 collectively teach us about the importance of maintaining values and equilibrium, the journey from individual integrity to societal harmony, and the manifestation of cosmic order through balanced actions. By understanding and applying these principles, we can contribute to a world that is ethically sound, balanced, and in harmony with universal laws.

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