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Gate/Key/Hexagram 22: Grace and Openness

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human design gate 22 gene key 22 i ching hexagram 22 grace and openness

Written by Futurist, Executive Coach, Consultant, & Speaker, Ashley Mosaic, who is a 1/4 Generator with Cross of Maya 4 and conscious sun in Source Code 61.

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Official Name in Human Design: Grace and the Gate of Openness

Purpose: To provide the energy of grace and compassion, to oneself and others, even when under pressure.

Human Design definition: A quality of behavior best suited in handling mundane and trivial situations. The emotional spirit conditions how receptive others will be to mutation.

In action: Offering grace to oneself and others.

Body graph location: Solar Plexus, connecting to the Throat via Gate 12.

Grounding energy: Oppression, Gate 647

Tropical astrology sign: Pisces

Gene Keys: Dishonor -> Graciousness -> Grace

I Ching: Grace (Bi)

Dates of solar transit (can vary by 1 to 2 days): March 5 - March 11

The 22nd Gate, Key, and Hexagram embody the journey from experiencing dishonor or disrespect to embodying grace and graciousness, even under pressure.


Defined in Chart: Individuals with Gate 22 defined in their charts often possess a natural ability to express themselves with charm and tact, even in challenging circumstances. They may have an innate sense of how to maintain harmony and grace under pressure.

Sun Transit: When the sun transits through Gate 22, it highlights a collective focus on the power of gracious communication. It's a time to practice speaking and interacting with others in a way that honors both oneself and the other party, even in tense or challenging situations.

The high-frequency expression is the energy for offering grace and compassion to oneself and others through understanding that the full range of emotions are part of the human experience.

The low-frequency expression is repressing emotions and living in a space of reactivity and victimization, without believing in and honoring the importance of grace, compassion, and beauty in one's life.


My personal experience:

I do not have this energy defined in my chart, however I have come to develop a knack for sensing this energy in others. I am quite fond of it and inspired by those with this encoding.

Human Design Gate 22: The Art of Graciousness in Times of Challenge

From the Shadows of Dishonor to the Light of Grace


Quarter of Initiation, the Realm of Alcyone
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Mind
Mystical Theme: The Witness Returns
Gate 63 < Gate 22 > Gate 36


This Gate is part of the Channel of Openness, The Design of the Social Being, linking the Throat Center (Gate 12) to the Solar Plexus Center (Gate 22). Gate 22 is part of the Individual (Knowing) Circuit with the keynote of empowerment.


Gate 22 combines the potential for emotional openness through listening, with a social grace and charm that is highly attractive to others, when it is in the right mood. When our mood changes, however, a dramatically different and sometimes antisocial side of us may emerge. Our emotional awareness matures over time as we become comfortable with moving into our depth along the emotional wave. By allowing our depth to mellow with age in the company of our creative muse, we refine our timing and release our truth precisely when society is ready for it. Recognizing and acting on that timing is dependent on honoring our mood. Our openness, and our attentiveness to what is essential and new for others, are gifts of grace which even impact strangers.

Those who carry this gate listen to others until they complete what they are saying, making what they have to say naturally come second. This is grace in action, as well as the key to our own empowerment. In fact, it is our responsibility and privilege to use our social listening skills in a way that makes change available to others.

Without the 12th gate, we may know what we feel, but not how to express it verbally. Because silence makes us nervous, what we fear most is that there is nothing worthwhile to listen to.

Gene Key 22: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities for Elegance

The Alchemy of Graciousness in Adversity


“The 63rd Siddhi exists already. It has existed forever. We already know and are Truth. After Completion, the Truth will stand revealed for us all to see. This is the only Truth there is. At the same time we’re moving through a hall of mirrors as we witness the unravelling of Truth.”

– Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


Gene Key 22, termed Grace Under Pressure, represents a transformative journey from the Shadow of Dishonor to the Siddhi of Grace, with the intermediary phase being the Gift of Graciousness. This pathway illustrates how challenging situations can be transformed into opportunities for displaying poise and dignity.

Shadow - Dishonor:

  • The Shadow of Dishonor in Gene Key 22 reflects experiences of disrespect, betrayal, or humiliation. It embodies the feelings of being undervalued or dishonored by others. This shadow can lead to reactions of defensiveness, resentment, or a diminished sense of self-worth.
  • Personal Application: Recognize instances where you feel dishonored or disrespected. Rather than responding with bitterness or defense, use these experiences as catalysts for personal growth. Seek to understand the root of these feelings and how they can be transformed into a deeper understanding of your own value and dignity.

Gift - Graciousness:

  • The Gift of Graciousness involves responding to challenging situations with kindness, respect, and understanding. It’s about maintaining composure and dignity, even when faced with disrespect or adversity. Graciousness here means choosing to respond with elegance and poise, transforming potential conflict into an opportunity for harmony and understanding.
  • Personal Application: Embrace the gift of graciousness in your interactions, especially in difficult circumstances. Practice responding with kindness and understanding, rather than reacting impulsively. By doing so, you elevate the situation and exemplify grace in action, fostering a more respectful and harmonious environment.

Siddhi - Grace:

  • The Siddhi of Grace represents a transcendent state where one embodies grace as a natural expression of being. In this state, grace is not just an external display but an internal realization of one's inherent dignity and worth. It reflects a deep connection to the divine essence, where every action and response is infused with poise and serenity.
  • Personal Application: Aspire to a state of consciousness where grace permeates your being. Cultivate an inner sense of tranquility and dignity that radiates outward, regardless of external circumstances. Recognize that true grace is a reflection of your connection to the divine, manifesting as beauty, poise, and elegance in all aspects of life.


Gene Key 22 invites us on an enlightening journey from the pain of dishonor, through the empowering embrace of graciousness, to the exalted state of grace. This path teaches us to transform our challenges into opportunities for demonstrating dignity and respect, leading to a profound realization of our inherent elegance and connection to the divine. 


I Ching Hexagram 22: The Harmony of Inner and Outer Beauty


In the contrast of the family,
life reveals your deeper color.

To put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life;
and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right. –Kung fu tzu


In the I Ching, Hexagram 22, often referred to as "Pi" or "Grace," symbolizes the balance and harmony between inner substance and outer beauty. It represents the importance of aesthetics and grace in enhancing the quality of life, while also emphasizing the need for depth and authenticity.

1. Balancing Beauty and Substance:

  • This hexagram highlights the significance of appreciating and cultivating beauty in both the external world and in one's character. It suggests that grace and elegance can enhance life’s experiences but should be balanced with inner depth and authenticity.
  • Personal Application: Seek to create beauty and harmony in your surroundings and in your personal presentation. Simultaneously, cultivate inner qualities such as integrity, kindness, and authenticity, ensuring that your outer expressions are reflections of your true self.

2. The Role of Aesthetics in Daily Life:

  • Hexagram 22 also speaks to the role of aesthetics in elevating the spirit and enriching daily life. It advises that attention to grace and beauty can bring joy and appreciation to both mundane and significant moments.
  • Personal Application: Incorporate elements of beauty and grace into your daily life. This can range from the simplicity of a well-arranged space to the way you interact with others. Recognize how aesthetic qualities can enhance your experience and mood.

3. Appreciating the Superficial While Valuing Depth:

  • The hexagram underscores the need to appreciate surface beauty while also valuing depth and substance. It implies that while appearances have their place, they should not overshadow the importance of deeper qualities and truths.
  • Personal Application: While enjoying and appreciating the beautiful and graceful aspects of life, maintain a focus on deeper values and truths. Strive for a balance where external beauty serves as a complement to, rather than a replacement for, inner depth and meaning.


Hexagram 22 from the I Ching teaches the art of harmonizing external beauty with internal substance. It reminds us that grace and aesthetics have the power to enhance life but should be grounded in authenticity and depth for true fulfillment. 

Integrating and Utilizing this Energy

  • Practicing Graceful Communication: Use your words and actions to express grace, especially in challenging situations. Aim to communicate in ways that are respectful, kind, and considerate, maintaining harmony and dignity.
  • Fostering Harmonious Relationships: Apply the principles of grace in your relationships. Strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, using tact and diplomacy to navigate difficulties.
  • Embodying Grace in All Aspects: Seek to embody grace not just in communication but in all aspects of life. Let grace be a guiding principle in your behavior, appearance, and interactions, reflecting a deep sense of respect and poise.


Gate 22, Key 22, and Hexagram 22 collectively teach us about the power of maintaining grace under pressure, the journey from experiencing dishonor to embodying graciousness, and the realization of grace as a core aspect of our being. By understanding and applying these principles, we can navigate life’s challenges with dignity and poise, transforming our interactions and experiences into expressions of beauty and harmony.

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