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Two Supermoons In August Marks Rare Phenomenon

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August hosts two supermoons in a rare astronomical event that isn’t expected to occur again until January, 2037. 🌕

The month of August opens with supermoon in the constellation/sign of Aquarius, called the sturgeon supermoon on august 1st, and closes with a supermoon in the constellation/sign of Pisces, in a rare blue moon on August 30th.

Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposition, occurring every 29 days.

A supermoon is the name given to any full moon occurring around the same time as the moon’s perigee, or closest point of orbit with the Earth, making the moon appear bigger and brighter in the sky due to the distance of the moon from the Earth.

Typically, months only have one full moon, separated by 28 days, but since majority of months are 30-31 days long, sometimes a second full moon can make its way into the same month, which is called a blue moon.

Although we typically get three or four supermoons per year (next Supermoon happening in September, 2024) & one blue moon, having two supermoons in the same month is rare. A phenomenon that won’t occur again until January, 2037.

Here’s the time & energetic specifics as I believe astronomy & astrology is an excellent guide for contemplation & self-growth:

The sturgeon supermoon peaks Tuesday, august 1st at 2:32pm EDT. At 9° Aquarius in Gate 29.2, it contains energetic themes of dedication to values, being of service and balancing individual needs with those of the community, family or ‘tribe.’ This is supportive energy for breaking patterns that keep you from expressing who you truly are ~ and being of service as an embodying of your uniqueness & differentiation.

Question to self now, “how can I use the embodiment & expression of my authentic self & gifts to be of greater service?”

The super blue moon peaks Wednesday, August 30 at 9:35pm EDT. At 7° Pisces in Gate 37.2, it contains energetic themes of family, friends, and the responsibilities of the individual being the foundation for successful cooperation.

Question to reflect on over next few weeks & ask to oneself, “how can a focus on individual responsibility improve my relationships and wellbeing of the tribe?”

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