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Human Design Strategy: Using Your Inner Authority for Decision Making

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In Human Design, strategy refers to your unique approach to decision-making and action-taking based on your individual design.

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Following your strategy helps with making more informed and authentic decisions that are in line with your unique design and life purpose. Strategy also helps to navigate life’s complexities with greater ease and effectiveness.

When we follow our strategy, we are essentially following our inner guidance system.

This helps us avoid making decisions that are not aligned with our true nature or purpose. It can also help us conserve energy and avoid burnout, as we are only expending effort on activities that are truly meaningful and aligned for us.

Strategy is determined by your energy type. Each type has a specific strategy for decision-making that corresponds to their unique design and energy.

Let's explore the strategy for each energy type:



The strategy for projectors is to wait for invitations or recognition, especially when it comes to major life decisions. Projectors are designed to be natural advisers and guides, offering their unique perspective and expertise to others. However, this guidance isn’t for everyone; only those who recognize and invite it into their lives. The aura of a projector penetrates and is deeply powerful. Therefore, invitations/recognition is a form of consent that also protects the projector from feeling dismissed, ignored or like their valuable energy & awareness went to waste. Instead of viewing waiting as passive, projectors are advised to focus on building relationships and connections with others, waiting for an invitation to share their knowledge and expertise.



The strategy for reflectors is to wait a lunar cycle (28 days), especially when making big life decisions. Reflectors are unique in that they have no defined centers in their birth chart, meaning they absorb and amplify the energy of those around them. Waiting for a full lunar cycle allows reflectors to fully experience and process the energy of their environment & the moon as it transits through the 64 gates before making any decisions. During this time, they can gain clarity about their own desires and needs, as well as the needs of those around them. This allows reflectors to make decisions that are truly aligned with their authentic selves and the greater good. Reflectors who are aware of planetary transits can experiment with shortcuts, however waiting the full lunar cycle tends to serve an abundance of good as it leaves time for important forces to align.



The strategy for generators is to respond. Due to generators having a defined sacral center, they have a strong life force energy and natural ability to generate abundance in their lives. Through generating energy, their aura attracts to them opportunities, relationships, experiences, etc. for them to respond. Rather than trying to force outcomes or make decisions based purely on logic or external factors, the key to the generator strategy is to follow one's inner guidance and respond to opportunities that arise in the present moment. Generators are encouraged to cultivate patience in the unfolding of their lives, and listen to their body's impulses and respond to what feels right in the moment. Tune into the body, not the mind.



The strategy for manifesting generators is also to respond. Generators & Manifesting Generators are the same energy type due to their defined sacral, however the energy of MGs combines the manifestor's ability to initiate action with the generator's sustainable energy to get things done. Due to this, MGs can move very fast and may commit to things that are not correct for them unless they slow down and actually listen to their body for a response. Sometimes speed bypasses a response. It’s also advised for MGs to inform after they respond. Doing so can help eliminate resistance from their path and also allow additional time to assess their body’s response.



The strategy for manifestors is to inform before taking action. Manifestors are unique in that they have the ability to initiate and create change in the world around them, but this can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation or rejection from others. Here to initiate, manifestors can become so immersed in what they’re doing, they fail to recognize how their actions & decisions impact others. And due to the mechanics of their aura, they impact others more than they realize. Therefore, informing people who might be affected removes resistance from the path, allowing for an increase of peace and freedom, and allows for the initiation of others. Informing is not the same as asking for permission or approval - it for purposes of clearing the path AND initiating other people as generators need to respond and projectors need to be invited.

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