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Gate/Key 44: Coming to Meet and Karmic Relationships

gene keys human design source codes Oct 29, 2023
human design gate 44 gene key 44

Written by Ashley Mosaic, 1/4 Generator with Cross of Maya 4 and conscious sun in Gate 61 ~ Read full list of Gates/Keys here.

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In Human Design, the official name for this positioning is Coming to Meet or Gate of Alertness. Gate 44 is the gate of memory; it remembers the patterns for living that have successfully provided for our material needs. The primary purpose of this energy is to foster unity and create connections. Those who have Gate 44 defined in their Human Design charts often possess a natural inclination to bring people together and to build community. This gate's energy is about the art of forging bonds, fostering collaboration, and creating a sense of togetherness.


Official Name in Human Design: Coming to Meet or The Gate of Alertness

Purpose: Learn from the past to foster unity and create connections

Human Design definition: The success of any interaction is based on the absence of any preconditions. 

Core theme: Fear of the past

Body graph location: Spleen center, connecting to Ego via Gate 26

Tropical astrology sign: Scorpio

Gene Keys: Karmic Relationships | Interference -> Teamwork -> Synarchy

I Ching: Coming to Meet (Liaison)

Those with this defined in their charts are familiar with this energy, and often possess a natural inclination to bring people together and to build community.

When the sun, which represents 70% of the neutrino influence, passes through this gate, we all experience the effects as there's a spotlight on patterns, memories, and fostering connections. The sun's transit through this positioning provides the energy for instinctive memory and alertness that can manage and mold the collective.

  • The high-frequency expression of this energy is sensing patterns and using instrictive memory and alertness to break harmful patterns and foster connections.
  • The low-frequency expression of this energy is fear of the past and using past mistakes as reason to not move forward.

Human Design: Gate 44 - Coming To Meet

Gate 44 is the gate of memory; it remembers the patterns for living that have successfully provided for our material needs. This memory is an integral and consistently trustworthy part of our survival intelligence as a species. We are instinctually alert in every moment for the correct spontaneous relationship or interaction that can move a potential to the level of a possibility. What we remember or transmit shapes the Tribes' material orientation, and eventually strengthens its ego presence and power in the world. We control the way Gate 26 is going to act in terms of selling, defending or fighting for the tribe. This is where tribal propaganda can be found. We help the Tribe to allay its fears of the past by remembering that a starving child is not a healthy child, and that material security and health go hand in hand. The Spleen is not a motor, so once our awareness is recognized and valued by the Tribe, we will look to the willpower of Gate 26 to act on it. In this way, whatever transformation we instinctively know the Tribe needs to ensure its survival becomes a reality.

Without Gate 26 we are prone to unnecessarily exaggerate by over-committing and making promises we cannot keep. What we fear most is that baggage from the past might catch up with us.

Gene Keys: 44th Key - Karmic Relationships

Gene Key 44 is a journey from the shadow of Interference to the gift of Teamwork and, ultimately, the siddhi of Synarchy or Unity. It signifies the evolution from a state of disconnection, mental interference, hierarchy, and competition rooted fear, to a profound sense of unity, where individuals become catalysts for harmonious relationships and collective well-being. We are guided to use the Gift to transcend the Shadow and create the Siddhi.

Shadow: The shadow aspect of Gene Key 44 is "Interference." In this state, individuals may find themselves plagued by mental interference and a sense of disconnection. This interference can manifest as intrusive thoughts, doubts, and obstacles that hinder personal growth and unity.

Gift: Moving beyond the shadow of Interference, Gene Key 44 leads to the gift of "Teamwork." In this stage, individuals begin to recognize the power of collaboration and working together harmoniously. This gift emphasizes the potential for creating strong bonds and communities.

Siddhi: At its highest expression, Gene Key 44 reaches the siddhi of "Synarchy." This is a state of profound understanding and unity with all things. In the state of Unity, individuals transcend the interference of the shadow and embrace the gift of teamwork to foster deep and lasting connections. They become unifiers and facilitators of harmony in the world.

I Ching: 44th Hexagram - Coming to Meet

Hexagram 44, aptly named "Coming to Meet" in the I Ching, signifies a moment of connection, where two energies or individuals come together. It represents the power of communication and the potential for profound understanding. It's a reminder that through dialogue and inquiry, we can bridge gaps and find common ground.

Ways to Apply this Energy

By actively integrating the energy of Gate/Key/Hexagram 44, "Coming to Meet," into your life, you can become a unifier, a facilitator of harmony, and a catalyst for meaningful connections and dialogue in your personal and collective experiences. Here are some practical ways to integrate this energy into your daily life:

  1. Embrace Communication: Encourage open and honest communication in your personal and professional relationships. Listen actively, express yourself clearly, and be willing to meet others halfway in conversations.

  2. Foster Unity: Actively seek opportunities to foster unity and collaboration in your community or workplace. Organize events, projects, or initiatives that bring people together for a common purpose.

  3. Build Bridges: Identify situations where there may be misunderstandings or conflicts and work towards building bridges of understanding. Promote dialogue and reconciliation where needed.

  4. Empathize and Understand: Practice empathy by putting yourself in others' shoes. Seek to understand their perspectives, motivations, and needs. This can lead to more compassionate and effective interactions.

  5. Network and Connect: Expand your social and professional networks by actively seeking out opportunities to meet new people. Attend events, conferences, or gatherings that align with your interests and values.

  6. Lead by Example: As you apply the energy of "Coming to Meet" in your life, others may be inspired to do the same. Be a role model for open-mindedness, collaboration, and unity.

  7. Cultivate Respect: Foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual appreciation in your relationships. Recognize the inherent worth and dignity of each individual you encounter.

  8. Resolve Differences: Address conflicts and differences constructively. Use communication and empathy to find common ground and resolve issues amicably.

  9. Promote Inclusivity: Advocate for inclusivity and diversity in various aspects of life, whether it's in your workplace, community, or social circles. Create environments that celebrate differences.

  10. Seek Common Goals: Identify common goals and shared objectives with others, and work together to achieve them. This can strengthen bonds and lead to greater collective accomplishments.

The Collective Resonance

In our collective experience, Gate 44 mirrors the quest for understanding and unity. We witness it in various ways:

  • Global Dialogues: The world today is marked by a hunger for dialogue and collaboration. From international diplomacy to grassroots movements, we see the power of inquiry and communication in shaping our shared future.

  • Empowered Truth-Seekers: In an age of information, more individuals are embracing their roles as truth-seekers, utilizing inquiry to discern fact from fiction and contribute to collective wisdom.

  • Technological Transformation: Gate 44's energy finds expression in our technological advancements, as we develop tools and platforms for global conversations and knowledge-sharing.


Gate 44, as it weaves through Human Design, Gene Keys, and the I Ching, is a beacon of the transformative power of coming together and understanding. It reminds us that the art of uniting and the courage to inquire are the keys to our personal and collective growth. As you embrace the energy of coming together, may you illuminate your path and contribute to a world where unity and understanding reign supreme.

So, keep connecting, keep noticing patterns and breaking those that are harmful, and keep empowering yourself for the future.

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