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Gate/Key/Hexagram 19: Approach and Wanting

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Written by Futurist, Consultant, & Speaker, Ashley Mosaic, who is a 1/4 Generator with Cross of Maya 4 and conscious sun in Gate 61.

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Official Name in Human Design: Approach and the Gate of Wanting

Purpose: To provide the fuel for two essential human mandates: the need to have access to basic resources like food and shelter, and the need for spirit.

Human Design definition: That all things interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach. The fuel of the sensitivity process. The source that drives all revolutions.

In action: Being sensitive to the needs of others without self-sacrificing.

Body graph location: Root, connecting to the Solar Plexus via Gate 49.

Grounding energy: Retreat, Gate 33.

Tropical astrology sign: Aquarius

Gene Keys: Co-dependence -> Sensitivity -> Sacrifice

I Ching: Approach (Lin)

Dates of solar transit (can vary by 1 to 2 days): January 27 - February 1

The 19th Gate, Key, and Hexagram represents the energy of emotional sensitivity, the desire for connection, and the drive to fulfill needs.


Defined in Chart: Those with Gate 19 defined in their charts often exhibit a deep emotional sensitivity and a strong desire for close connections. They may also have a heightened awareness of the needs and feelings of others.

Sun Transit: When the sun transits through Gate 19, it brings a collective focus on understanding and responding to emotional needs, both personally and within relationships. It's a time to reflect on how we approach others and how our desires shape our interactions.

The high-frequency expression is the energy for sensitivity to the needs of others, without sacrificing one's own needs. This energy understands the importance of basic human needs in order for societies and tribes to thrive, and loves being around those who are in fact thriving.

The low-frequency expression is the energy for not understanding or tending to one's own needs, leading to feelings of energetic overwhelm. 


My personal experience:

I do not have this defined in my chart, however I have 49, the other half of this energy. My open emotional center, with hanging gates 49 and 6, has played a pretty profound role in my relationship journey. I realize now that my attempts to care for 'the other' were likely a reflection of my challenges with caring for myself and my emotional needs. It is also thought that animals contain gate 19, and they connect with humans through our 49 - something that deeply resonates with the significant role my dog Enzo has played in my healing and awakening journey.

Human Design Gate 19: Navigating the Path of Sensitivity and Connection

Exploring Co-dependence, Sensitivity, and Sacrifice

This Gate is part of the Channel of Synthesis, A Design of Being Sensitive, linking the Root Center (Gate 19) to the Solar Plexus Center (Gate 49). Gate 19 is part of the Tribal (Ego) Circuit with the keynote of support.

Gate 19 fuels two essential human mandates: the need to have access to basic resources like food and shelter, and the need for spirit. These mandates set us up to interact or bond with others in specific ways. When everyone has enough to eat, a place to live and a god to worship, we experience life as one healthy community, supporting each other and making our unique contribution to the whole. When there is want or need or great inequality in our tribe, communal support breaks down and nothing works. We are here to be alert and sensitive to which resources are being withheld from our family, community and eventually the global community. We bring others to an awareness of what resources are needed for everyone to survive, as well as thrive and achieve their personal or communal potential. The way we go about this depends on the specific line(s) defined in our chart, but the process usually requires enticing or bargaining with the people or institutions who share our principles, and possess or control what is needed. We know what is needed, and look to Gate 49 to fulfill those needs. The consequences of turning the Root Center's pressure inward are experienced as oversensitivity, an addiction to being needed, or personal neediness as in "Doesn't anyone care about me? When will I get my needs met?"

Gene Key 19: The Evolution from Co-dependence to Enlightened Sacrifice

Unfolding the Potential of the Future Human Being


“We all do and say things that hurt others, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Sensitivity is an art we all need to learn. When we’ve learned it, we feel so strong, so connected to life, but we also feel so permeable and soft.”

– Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


In the Gene Keys, Key 19 is titled The Future Human Being. It encompasses the journey from the Shadow of Co-dependence to the Gift of Sensitivity and the Siddhi of Sacrifice. This key delves into the evolution of human relationships from dependency to a state of selfless love and interconnectedness, and the potential for deep empathy and altruism.


Shadow - Co-dependence:

  • The Shadow of Co-dependence in Gene Key 19 represents a state of reliance on others for emotional support or validation, often leading to imbalanced relationships. This shadow can manifest as a lack of emotional self-sufficiency, where one's sense of worth and stability is overly tied to the approval and presence of others.
  • Personal Application: Identify areas where co-dependent patterns may be present in your relationships. Work towards cultivating emotional independence and a stronger sense of self, reducing the reliance on others for emotional fulfillment.

Gift - Sensitivity:

  • The Gift of Sensitivity is about embracing and harnessing one's emotional awareness and empathy. This gift allows for a profound understanding of others' feelings and needs, leading to nurturing and supportive relationships.
  • Personal Application: Develop your emotional sensitivity to connect more deeply with others. Use this heightened empathy to support and understand those around you, while maintaining healthy emotional boundaries. Sensitivity here is about responding to others with compassion and empathy, fostering connections that are mutually enriching.

Siddhi - Sacrifice:

  • The Siddhi of Sacrifice represents the highest manifestation of Gene Key 19. It signifies a state of selfless love and giving, where one's actions are driven by a deep sense of unity and compassion for all beings. In this state, sacrifice is not about loss but about the joy of contributing to the greater good and the recognition of interconnectedness.
  • Personal Application: Aspire to reach a level of consciousness where your actions are naturally selfless and aligned with the greater good. Embrace the concept of sacrifice as a means of contributing to the collective well-being, understanding that true fulfillment comes from serving others.

Gene Key 19 invites us on an enriching journey from the limitations of co-dependence, through the empowering gift of sensitivity, to the elevated state of sacrifice. This path encourages us to evolve our emotional connections, moving from dependency to a state of profound empathy and selfless love that reflects the potential of the future human being.


I Ching Hexagram 19: Fostering Growth through Nurturing Approach

Approach and Nurturing

In the I Ching, Hexagram 19, often translated as "Approach," symbolizes the need for a nurturing and caring approach in all aspects of life. It emphasizes the importance of fostering growth and development through positive and supportive interactions.

1. Embracing a Nurturing Attitude:

  • This hexagram highlights the value of a kind, nurturing approach in dealing with people and situations. It suggests that a caring and supportive attitude fosters growth, harmony, and positive outcomes.
  • Personal Application: Cultivate a nurturing and caring approach in your personal and professional relationships. Understand that your support and encouragement can significantly impact others' growth and well-being.

2. The Power of Gradual Development:

  • Hexagram 19 also speaks to the importance of gradual growth and development. It advises patience and persistence in nurturing projects or relationships, recognizing that meaningful progress often takes time.
  • Personal Application: Exercise patience in your endeavors. Approach your goals with a mindset that values steady, incremental growth over quick fixes. Recognize and celebrate the small steps of progress.

3. Leadership and Guidance:

  • The hexagram underscores the role of effective leadership and guidance in fostering development. It suggests that leaders and guides should act with a nurturing spirit, focusing on the growth and well-being of those they lead.
  • Personal Application: If you are in a position of leadership or influence, use your role to nurture and support others. Lead by example, showing care and consideration in your actions and decisions.



Hexagram 19 from the I Ching teaches the art of nurturing growth and development through a caring and supportive approach. It reminds us that kindness and patience are powerful tools in fostering positive change and harmonious relationships.


Integrating and Utilizing this Energy

  • Deepening Emotional Connections: Use your emotional sensitivity to deepen connections with others. Be attentive to the emotional needs of yourself and those around you, fostering relationships based on mutual understanding and support.
  • Recognizing and Meeting Needs: Develop an awareness of the needs within your relationships. Strive to meet these needs in a balanced way, avoiding co-dependence while nurturing deep connections.
  • Evolving through Altruism: Embrace opportunities for selfless giving and sacrifice. Recognize how acts of altruism can lead to personal growth and contribute to a more compassionate and interconnected world.


Gate 19, Key 19, and Hexagram 19 collectively teach us about the importance of sensitivity, the journey from co-dependence to healthy emotional connections, and the transformative power of altruistic sacrifice. By understanding and applying these principles, we can navigate our emotional landscapes with greater empathy, deepen our connections, and contribute to the collective evolution of human relationships.

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