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Human Design: Preparing for 2027 & Onwards According to Energy Type

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We each have a unique role in the healing & awakening of humanity, and in raising of the collective consciousness.


In 2027 we will have a change in global cycles and the background frequency will mutate from a tribal to an individual energy. For the past 400 years we have been living in the “Cross of Planning” tribal energy, where social connection, being helpful in society and bringing value to other humans has ensured our survival. In 2027, our global cycle will shift into the energy of the “Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.” 2020 represented the final seven-year cycle before the 2027 shift.

A deeply individual energy, each person must learn to rely on their own inner guidance and embrace their authenticity. The more awakened one is through their connection to spirit, and living according to their unique energetic mechanics - the more they will thrive in 2027, and onwards.


Our energetic mechanics hold clues to the unique role we are each designed to play in the healing & awakening of humanity, and raising of the collective consciousness. One way to prepare for the upcoming shifts is to lean into our energy type to connect with our innate genius.

If you do not yet know your energy type (projector, generator, manifesting generator, manifestor or reflector) you can get a free chart at


You are here to wisely guide others to their authenticity, alignment and improved ways of living. This includes the creation of systems, procedures and services that improve efficiency and accessibility. To amplify your gifts, surround yourself with people who recognize your innate wisdom.



Your energy is designed to expand and provide a life force to others. It is important that you follow your joy and the desires that light you up with excitement as your joy activates joy in others. However it is important that you maintain boundaries to ensure your energy is applied intentionally and isn't wasted.



When in alignment, your supercharged energy empowers others and inspires them to embrace their multidimensionality. It is important that you embrace change, follow your joy and the desires that light you up with excitement.



You are here to initiate and take the lead as your creations create a ripple effect, which others will respond to (generators) and guide (projectors) according to its resonance with their alignment. It is important that you create space and follow your impulses - in doing so, you will find your peace.



Your energy and wisdom is designed to hold space and serve as a barometer for the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health of communities. Sample the energies around you and familiarize yourself with the sensations. It is important that you surround yourself with people who feel good energetically.


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