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7 Insights Gained from a Week of Vertigo - As Above, So Below...

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I had vertigo (aka crazy spins) for little over a week. It was a wildly destabilizing, yet reality-revealing experience. Forced to loosen my grip on reality, I was led me down some 'rabbit holes' on the quantum principles pertaining to vision.

This in combination with adapting to 24/7 full-on spins for several days resulted in several third-eye opening insights, here are my top 7:

1- In life, it is only ever you against your own mind. 

You can have, be & do anything once your subconscious mind is onboard. Until then, you are completely at its mercy.

The subconscious mind will do anything in its power to keep you ‘safe.’


2- The outer world reflects the inner world.

This means the chaos, confusion, conflict & even the ‘‘enemy’ actually resides within. The external reflects the inner programs, which are strengthened & confirmed via our habits, beliefs, emotions, & assumptions.

This means the same is also true for the serenity, clarity, peace, & savior.


3- Universe is constantly providing upgrades & quantum leaps.

The only reason you aren’t receiving them is because you’re subconsciously choosing & holding too firmly onto your current reality & identity.

Nothing is real, so loosen the chokehold, leap into the unknown, & let change happen.


4- Your past was designed to prepare you for your future.

Everything you’ve been through was designed to equip you with the strengths, skills, & resiliency required for your future.

It’s very important to gain clarity on this as we approach reality-shattering collective shifts.


5- All you're ever seeking is balance, stability, & harmony.

Everything in life is a result of attempting to maintain or regain these.

It is no surprise that this insight is supported by several Universal Laws & Hermetic Principles.


6- Your intuition is your greatest gift & asset.

Your intuition is brilliant & capable of providing the ultimate competitive advantage.

The heroes of the future are those who can tune into the undercurrent of the present moment & take proper steps to protect their wellbeing & ensure their safety & survival.


7- You’re constantly receiving guidance.

Your ability to receive the guidance via synchronicities, insights, astrological transits, etc., comes down to your subconscious programming, willingness, & nervous system.

Understanding your energetics, encodings, & programs helps you untangle the web, decode the script, & receive clarity.

The current energies are extremely intense & providing endless guidance. I experienced vertigo while both the sun and Mercury retrograde were traveling through gates 64 and 47, which are both associated with mental confusion. Additionally, this happened while Uranus retrograde was forming a grand trine with both my ascendant and sun. Having awareness of these transits helped immensely, as I was equipped to integrate the guidance and mutation.


“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” -  Hermes Trismegistus



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