Energetic Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Futurists  

Energetics and strategy to align one's life and business with their soul, mechanics, collective cycles, and the future.

As the world continues to rapidly evolve, it becomes increasingly imperative that individuals recognize that as the game changes, the rules & power moves change with it.

Using a unique blend of personal & collective astrology, human design, hypnosis & cellular reprogramming, our Signature Soul Frequency Methodology is a custom-tailored approach for rapid inner & outer alignment.


Signature Soul Frequency & Quantum Embodiment 

As the world continues to rapidly evolve, it becomes increasingly imperative that individuals recognize that as the game changes, the rules & power moves change with it.

Our approach to personal transformation is complete alignment with one's Source Codes, which are the epigenetic programs & encodings received at birth. Within these encodings, which includes Human Design, Astrological Natal Chart, Gene Keys and the I-Ching, include the why someone is here, the what they came to do, and the how to have it create the most impact. Combining this with collective astrology, we're provided with an outline for the way and when to have it best align with the future.

When living in alignment with one's Source Codes, life flows. We experience less resistance and bounce back quicker due to an understanding for the reasoning behind a challenge or setback, including the role it was designed to play in course correction and realignment.

However, without awareness of these codes, and deep contemplation of the guidance and role played in one's journey, they're fairly irrelevant. We get off-track, continuously repeat cycles and patterns we came to break. Meet resistance due to following homogenized approaches & rules for success, business & relationships, rather than according to our mechanics. And due to our first-person perspective, many fail to ever truly realize & embody their unique & innate gifts; the very thing that makes them special and their differentiation an integral party of the collective symphony & tapestry.

Due to life experiences, upbringing, family dynamics, and trauma, conditioning occurs. Rather than easily aligning with our Source Codes and path, we become conditioned and operate according to someone else's path and mechanics. For this reason, our Signature Methodology also includes Rapid Resolution Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Body Somatic Therapy and Frequency Healing to release subconscious blocks and reprogram at a cellular level. Facilitating the efficient releasing & shedding of false identities, blocks, ego wounds, feelings of frustration, bitterness, anger & disappointment. Setting the stage for Quantum Embodiment of one's Signature Soul Frequency.

Bridging to the Future

Who Can Benefit From This Program: 

Entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, future-leaders & Futurists, those who are forward-thinking individuals determined to stay ahead of the curve and successfully walk the path they came here to walk.

Whether you're an established or budding entrepreneur, executive, leader or futurist, this program is designed to empower you with invaluable insights and strategies that create exceptional alignment and unprecedented growth. Additionally this program is designed to meet an individual where they're at with their Quantum and Spiritual journey, offering a thorough, one-of-a-kind approach to rapid transformation and inner & outer alignment.


The Most Opportune Times to Join This Program:

This program and its methodology is applicable for any stage of life and career development. However, below are a few of the most common times clients choose to join:

  • Successful executives, entrepreneurs and leaders who are in many ways at the top of their game, yet feel they have approached or are nearing a ceiling and looking for the ultimate competitive adventure - the bulletproof alignment with their mechanics, encodings at path.
  • Individuals who know they are meant for more, yet continuously being met with the same challenges, frustrations and patterns.
  • Budding entrepreneurs, executives and leaders looking to start off on the right foot, as this program provides a deep dive into their mechanics and path, as well as the positioning and strategy for success in business and career advancement.
  • Those who recently or are currently experiencing a massive life transition. This program is designed to not only help make sense of the 'before' but facilitate the necessary releasing and embodiment required for the 'after.' 


What Is Included in This Program:

  • An in-depth examination of one's Human Design Body Graph, along with their mechanics, strategy and encodings, which we will continuously use as a guide for coaching through entirety on this program.
  • Deep analysis of one's astrological natal chart, allowing for an intimate understanding of one's life journey, cycles, where they're at in their evolution, and guidance received via the current and upcoming cycles.
  • An understanding of one's Gene Keys, along with practices for contemplation to accelerate the cellular transformations to embody higher states of consciousness, purpose and manifestation.
  • Hypnosis and frequency healing sessions to facilitate the releasing of subconscious blocks and embodiment of signature frequency.
  • Customized, recorded hypnosis to amplify and support the transformation both in-between our sessions and after the program is completed.
  • Guidance and coaching for all areas of life, including business, through the lens of one's mechanics, differentiation, and path.


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Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Exploratory Call to explore how this program can propel you and your career or business towards unparalleled success with the ultimate competitive advantage.


Other Ways We Can Work Together

Energetic & Business Strategy Sessions:

  • I also offer individual 90-minute Energetic Coaching Sessions, where we take a deep dive into your mechanics and I offer coaching in the form of strategy and guidance on meeting objectives and goals.
  • I also offer 90-minute Business Strategy Sessions, where we take a deep dive into the energetics and encodings for your business and cohesion with your own mechanics. Like all sessions, these can be customized to your needs, including strategy, branding, team dynamics, business objectives, offers, positioning, and alignment with current and upcoming market & industry cycles.

Schedule a 90-minute coaching session for you or your business via the link below.


Quantum Consulting & Advising:

Future-Proofing Companies with the Ultimate Competitive Advantage 

Predictive analysis, energetics & strategy to future-proof your business. Available in packages of various lengths with a multitude of add-ons, we help you to harness market trends, understand and adapt to emerging consumer needs, position your brand for success and keep you ahead of competitors.

By utilizing our expertise in predictive analysis, we help you identify emerging trends and shifts within your industry, giving you the foresight to make informed decisions and seize opportunities before your competitors even know they exist. Our meticulous tracking of cycles and methodology to improve team dynamics, ensures that you can navigate challenges with confidence and adapt quickly in an ever-changing market.

Visit the link below to learn more and schedule a complimentary 30-minute Exploratory Call to explore how our program can propel your business towards unparalleled success with the ultimate competitive advantage.