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Welcome to Aries Season: Guidance and Horoscopes

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Welcome to Aries Season, the beginning of Spring, and the astrological New Year!

The week kicks off with the sun shifting into the sign of Aries, signalling the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the vernal equinox, which is one of the two moments in the year when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length.

It also signals the beginning of the astrological year, so if you feel as though you didn’t get a strong start to the 2022 calendar New Year - this is the fresh start you’ve been waiting for. Seize it!

The zodiac wheel begins with the sign of Aries, as the blast of consciousness when spirit enters body and says “I AM!” So it’s wise to carry that energy with you as you move through this month - take big actions, so you’ll have something to stabilize next month when the sun shifts into grounded Taurus.

ARIES: With the sun in your 1st house of self and identity, this is a month to utilize the magnifying forces to implement big changes in your life.

TAURUS: As the sun transits through your 12th house, nourish your spirituality and subconscious mind so it can bloom beautiful flowers into your physical reality.

GEMINI: With the sun in your 11th house of groups and friends, it’s time to socialize. Connecting with friends will do you a world of good.

CANCER: The sun in your 10th house is shining a light on your professional goals. It’s time to get clear on what you want and take charge of your goals.

LEO: The sun is in your 9th house emphasising spirituality and higher-learning. This is a time to dream big and consider your big-picture plans.

VIRGO: With the sun in your 8th house of debts and intimacy this is a time to clean out any and all skeletons in the closet. A deep cleaning to your life will help you amplify the resources of others.

LIBRA: The sun in your 7th house is shining a light on relationships. It’s time to get clear on them and remember that they’re a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. So tend to that relationship as well.

SCORPIO: With the sun in your 6th house, there’s an emphasis on health and routine. Healthy rituals for yourself will help you keep the day-to-day activities running smoothly.

SAGITTARIUS: The sun in your 5th house is activating the sector of creativity and romance. Have fun and rejoice in the pursuit of pleasure.

CAPRICORN: The sun in your 4th house is inspiring you to focus on your security and home life. Remember - the deeper the roots, the higher the branches.

AQUARIUS: With the sun in your 3rd house, there’s a light shining on socializing and communication. Catch up with people and indulge in social butterfly tendencies. You’re likely to make important connections in doing so.

PISCES: With the sun in your 2nd house, it’s time to focus on your resources. Use this energy to review your expenses and investments.


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About Ashley Mosaic: I'm an empowerment coach and professional astrologer that has created a practice utilizing both modern and traditional astrology, human design, and NLP in order to provide my clients with grounded guidance, shift limiting beliefs and create guides for easily and joyfully manifesting their desires and living their dharma. I'm also passionate about blockchain, Web3 and helping to educate and onboard people in order to align with the available prosperity and future trends.

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