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Weekly Energy Forecast: July 4 - July 10

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

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On Monday we have Mars at 29 degrees of Aries, which is considered a critical degree and reflective of an energetically charged period. Last time it was here was during the time of the January 6 insurrectionist attacks on the Capitol, and we can once again see the effects of this charged energy in the collective experience. However individually, the proper funneling of this energy can lead to impressive results.

On Tuesday, Mars shifts into Taurus elevating our senses and inspiring an energy for slowing down. Things may not have the same hustle as when Mars was in Aries, but we remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Also on Tuesday messenger Mercury shifts into Cancer, inspiring prioritization of heartfelt communication with those closest to us.

This week the sun is finishing through Gate 39, Provocation, which increases pressure to create emotional awareness that leads to expansion in consciousness. Visit here to view the Instagram post I created on Gate 39.

Then on Thursday the sun shifts into Gate 53, Beginnings, which can carry a tremendous energy to start something new, however that energy often quickly fades so it’s wise to wait for clarity.

See my Instagram story to view the daily horoscope and guidance.


See my Instagram story to view the daily horoscope and guidance. If you miss a day, be sure to check the ‘Dailys’ highlight to view the last 7 days.

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About Ashley Mosaic: I'm a performance coach that has created a practice utilizing both modern and traditional astrology, human design, and NLP in order to provide my clients with grounded guidance, shift limiting beliefs and create guides for easily and joyfully manifesting their desires and living their dharma. I'm also passionate about blockchain, Web3 and helping to educate and onboard people in order to align with the available prosperity and future trends. And as the founder of KindaKind, I'm extremely passionate about the positive change and social impact blockchain technology can have on the world.

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