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Weekly Astrology: September 19 - September 25

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

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The week begins with the sun continuing its transit through Human Design Gate 6, Conflict, reminding us that growth cannot exist without friction. It is the fundamental design component of progress, and the energy for producing life itself.

On Monday and Tuesday, 9.19 and 9.20, Venus forms a trine to Uranus, inspiring new aesthetics, creative expression and activations of new and existing values.

On Wednesday, the sun shifts into Human Design Gate 46, Pushing Upwards, carrying the energy of good fortune that may be perceived as the result of serendipity, but derives from effort and dedication. To accept that one is in the right place is deeply spiritual.

Mercury retrograde re-enters Virgo on Friday, 9.23 setting the tone for clarity as our thoughts are funneled through a lens of logic and precision.

On Friday and Saturday, 9.23 and 9.24, Venus opposes Neptune inspiring creative expression. This aspect can first enhance confusion regarding matters of love as Neptune works as a boundaries dissolving solvent. However, through the confusion exists clarity as this aspect also assists with dissolving played out patterns and cycles in love.

On Sunday, 9.25, the New Moon in Libra ushers in a new relationship phase. This New Moon inspires new ways of relating, which leads to improved quality in relationships.


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About Ashley Mosaic: I'm a performance coach that has created a practice utilizing both modern and traditional astrology, human design, and NLP in order to provide my clients with grounded guidance, shift limiting beliefs and create guides for easily and joyfully manifesting their desires and living their dharma. Passionate about Bitcoin, blockchain and Web3, I'm inspired to also educate and onboard people in order to align with the available prosperity and future trends. And as the founder of KindaKind, I'm extremely passionate about the positive change and social impact blockchain technology can have on the world.

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