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May 9th - May 15th

Updated: May 11, 2022

Mercury retrograde, Jupiter enters Aries… and it’s all leading to a total lunar eclipse.

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We begin the week with the sun shifting into human design Gate 23, Assimilation, which carries the awareness and understanding that leads to acceptance of diversity.

Gate 23 is where inspiration as inner knowing is finally translated into language. Its amorality, acceptance of diversity, and ability to cut through mental intolerance opens the way for mutation to take hold in the world. Expression through the Gate of Assimilation initiates us into new ways of thinking.

On Tuesday Mercury, the planet of communication and logic, makes its second retrograde of the year - this time in the sign of Gemini. Mercury retrograde is a time to notice and reflect on old patterns when/if you see them reappearing. Ultimately it’s a time for realignment and gaining clarity around important matters in your life - most specifically, themes tied to the Gemini-ruled house in your natal chart. See below for your horoscope. Mercury will remain in retrograde motion until June 3, and will exit its post-retrograde shadow on June 18th. So until then, things may seem a little less structured. My advice is to practice extra caution with communication and technology, and try to maintain a sense of humor through it all - including any hiccups.

Also on Tuesday, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and adventure, enters Aries - revisiting an area of the sky (and our natal charts) not seen since 2011. As Aries is cardinal fire and associated with the ‘warrior’ - we can use these energies to navigate major shifts in our personal lives. Collectively, we can expect to experience themes of uprising in response to social friction.

Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces October 28th, and then returns to Aries from December 20, 2022 until May 16, 2023. Take charge of your life, quit ruminating on the past. Focus on the present and future.

Then late Sunday night / early Monday morning, is the total lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This is first eclipse we’ve had in Scorpio since 2014. Scorpio deals with themes of shadow work, trauma, sex, power and death. Full moons are always a time symbolic of release, but considering this is a lunar eclipse conjunct the South Node - all energies are amplified. This lunar eclipse calls for a dramatic release of Scorpionic themes in your life - most specifically these are themes related to the Scorpio-ruled house in your chart.

Eclipses are portals designed to align us with our fate. Right now, individually and collectively, we are being asked to ascend towards the North Node in Taurus. This requires the releasing and working through of Scorpio and South Node energies. Release what is heavy in order to more easily rise.

This is an extremely fertile and potent energy, therefore I highly recommend booking a consultation if you feel called to do so. Book here.


Questions to ask self and journal prompts:

  • What old beliefs and trauma do I need to release in order to align with my fate?

  • Where could I benefit from additional clarity?

  • Where do I need to embody my inner warrior in order to navigate a challenge?

Ways to utilize the energy:

  • Notice what unpleasant or painful feelings arise this week - they’re guiding you to what needs releasing.

  • Work through uncomfortable feelings vs suppressing or numbing.

  • Apply the Mercury retrograde energies to gaining clarity.


ARIES: Jupiter in your first house signals a new cycle and period of epic expansion. Mercury retrogrades in your 3rd house providing opportunity to navigate communication blockages and hiccups. The lunar eclipse in your 8th house activates themes of intimacy and shadow work, while inviting you to cut karmic ties.

TAURUS: Jupiter in your 12th house of reflection offers a period of healing and help with releasing old cycles. Allow Mercury retrograde to help you gain clarity around finances and the ROI on time and money spent. With the lunar eclipse in your 7th house, you’re invited to release harmful relationship themes in order to shine brighter in your personal identity.

GEMINI: Jupiter in your 11th house expands and blesses your network and social life, signaling a period of successful collaboration. Allow Mercury retrograde to help you gain clarity around identity and direction. Lunar eclipse in your 6th house of health and routine is an invitation to find balance between the physical and spiritual or metaphysical realm. Make sure your day-to-day routine is conducive and holds space for your dreams to manifest.

CANCER: Jupiter in your career sector signals favorably for professional matters and public image. Mercury retrograde in your 12th house of reflection is an invitation to go inwards, where the answers you seek reside. Lunar eclipse in your 5th house is invitation to release past relationship hurts in order to experience transformation in love.

LEO: Jupiter in your 9th house activates a period of adventure and expansion. Mercury retrograde in your 11th offers opportunity to gain clarity around alignment of collaborative projects and future goals. Lunar eclipse in your 4th house is invitation to release control in order to see the results you desire, in both your personal and professional life.

VIRGO: Jupiter in your 8th house signals a period of personal growth and opportunity to overcome a crisis or reoccuring karmic cycle. Apply the energies of Mercury retrograde in your 10th house to clarify career direction and make sure you’re dreaming big, not just rationally. Lunar eclipse in your 3rd house is invitation to release old stories and pains pertaining to communication. Release them in order to ascend towards the north node in your 9th house of beliefs and expansion.

LIBRA: Jupiter joining your ruling planet in the sign of Aries signals a profound period of relationship growth. Mercury retrograde in your 9th house provides opportunity to expand horizons and deepen connections. Lunar eclipse in your 2nd house signals invitation to find balance within themes of bonding, trust, vulnerability and resources.

SCORPIO: Jupiter enters your 6th house shining a focus on routine and wellness. Mercury retrograde in your 8th house helps with deep healing and revisiting of past in order to revise and strengthen going forward. Lunar eclipse in your 1st house raises themes of identity and self-discovery, and invites you to release hurts in order to strengthen and redefine relationships.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter enters your 5th house of creativity and romance, signaling a new period of joy and self-expression. Mercury retrograde in your 7th house provides opportunity to reflect on relationships and gain clarity on type of relationships you seek. Lunar eclipse in your 12th house of reflection helps with healing and shedding of limiting beliefs. An invitation to heal your subconscious and tend to your physical world.

CAPRICORN: Jupiter in your 4th house blesses your home life and sense of inner stability, you’re reminded: the deeper the roots, the higher the branches. Mercury retrograde in your 6th house helps you redefine your schedule and find alignment in your health and wellness routines. Lunar eclipse in your 11th house is an invitation to honor your joy in order to strengthen creativity and romance.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter in your 3rd house activates a new period of creative expression. Mercury retrograde in your 5th house of romance and creativity may activate the return of an ex, but it’s all designed to help you heal and gain clarity going forward. Lunar eclipse in your 10th house is invitation to tend to your home life and redefine what home feels and looks like for you. Tend to the roots so the branches can continue to rise.

PISCES: Jupiter enters your 2nd house of resources, helping you with matters of finances and self-worth. With Mercury retrograde in your 4th house, you may deal with family or household miscommunication, but it’s all designed to help you redefine your sense of personal security. Lunar eclipse in your 9th house is an invitation to reflect on and release limiting beliefs, and gain awareness of the power your self-talk holds in the creation of your life journey.


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