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March 7th - March 13th

Prepare for major breakthroughs as we gain greater access to the invisible realm.

We begin the week with Mars and Venus shifting into the sign of Aquarius, granting us more energy for our actions and values to be fueled by optimism and for purposes of expansion. A much different energy from the past few weeks during their transit through Capricorn, which highlighted many of our unconscious motivations and desires. January and February were more foundational, while March is more ‘big picture.’

Mercury transits into Pisces on Wednesday, encouraging us to dial down the overthinking and get in touch with our intuition. As Mercury is our intellect, when in Aquarius we’re inclined to think analytically. In Pisces, the ‘dreamworld’ we are encouraged to ‘think’ intuitively.

Collectively, we may experience a phase of confusion as the planet of intellect and communication transits through the cloudy, dreamlike spaces of Pisces. Things may not appear as they seem - but individually, we can all use that to our advantage. Choosing to see the positive, or taking a glass half full approach, will serve you well.

On Sunday, the sun makes its annual conjunction to Neptune, shining a spotlight on idealism and the world of imagination.

Questions to ask self and journal prompts:

  • What advice would I give to myself at this time last year?

  • If there was a book written about my life, what chapter would I currently be in? (use as motivation to make shifts and create a good read)

  • What would the book be titled?

Ways to utilize the energy:

  • Meditate often

  • Free-write and keep a dream journal

  • Try to stay in an emotional and mental state that is receptive for downloads and intuitive guidance


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About Ashley Mosaic: I'm an empowerment coach and professional astrologer that has created a practice utilizing both modern and traditional astrology, human design, and NLP in order to provide my clients with grounded guidance, shift limiting beliefs and create guides for easily and joyfully manifesting their desires and living their dharma. I'm also passionate about blockchain, Web3 and helping to educate and onboard people in order to align with the available prosperity and future trends.

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