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January 31st - February 6th

An energizing week that shines a spotlight on individuality and self-expression.

The week begins with the Aquarius sun forming a square to Uranus in Taurus, an energizing aspect that shines a spotlight on individuality and self-expression. Both individually and collectively, we may experience tension or conflicts between an urge to proceed in a radical manner and the demands of consensus thinking. Further ushering in the energy of change and individuality is the Aquarius New Moon on Monday night/Tuesday morning (exact time is 12:46am EST), signaling a fresh start in the Aquarius-ruled house of your chart. Aquarius rules goals, groups of friends and humanitarianism - so this new moon may spark an opportunity to join forces with others to support or further a social cause.

In addition to individuality, Uranus represents liberation and its energy often manifests in sudden changes - so this week it’s wise to expect the unexpected and remain receptive to change. Mercury retrograde ends on the 3rd as the planet of communication stations direct in Capricorn, where it sits with Mars, Venus and Pluto. If it’s felt more challenging to make progress these past few weeks - as indicated by Venus and Mercury retrogrades - just know that forward momentum should become easier now that they are both direct. Then on the 4th, the sun conjoins Saturn, ending the week on a more serious or sobering note that brings balance to the Uranian impulses from earlier in the week. This week is ripe for change and stabilization - so leap far.

Questions to ask self and ways to utilize the energy:

questions & journal prompts:

  • What does freedom mean to me?

  • Am I in need of any liberation, and can I give it to myself? (such as from limiting beliefs, criticism, guilt, etc.)

  • What social causes am I passionate about?

ways to utilize the energy:

  • Reach out to friends and socialize.

  • Give back; seek out an opportunity to join a social cause.

  • Create an “I am” statement that supports your authenticity.


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