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Horoscopes and Guidance: May 2nd - May 8th

Things heat up as Venus enters Aries, Jupiter sextiles Pluto, and the sun makes its annual conjunction to Uranus.

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This is the week in-between the solar and lunar eclipse, and there is a continued focus on values and our ability to trust in our own resources and creative potential.

A reminder that we came here to manipulate energy, manifest and create.

Venus, the planet of love, values and beauty, enters the fiery sign of Aries on Monday igniting a passionate spring awakening. Venus has been through a lot this year, starting with a retrograde in Capricorn, then under the influence of Mars ever since. But this week, she’s taking her power and beginning a new cycle around the zodiac. Venus made several beautiful and healing aspects in Pisces, which she will now lean on to ignite new beginnings. As Venus rules Taurus, she’s the dispositor of the North Node - so reflect on the Venus-themes you’re desiring with the eclipses - love, beauty, etc. - and take aligned and inspired actions.

In detriment in Aries as Venus is about receiving, and Aries energy is action-oriented - therefore this transit can be a little tricky. Our love nature and the energy with which we go after what we want is quick and impulsive, feelings can run hot and cold as sparks can quickly fizzle. However on the plus side, Venus in Aries is adventurous and will free you from stagnancy. Our impulsive nature will ground itself more when she enters Taurus May 28th - so my advice is to run with Venus in Aries and put it to good use. Just remain mindful of future goals, and if you truly have the energy and desire to continue whatever projects and relationships are ignited under the spark of Venus in Aries. Instead of forcing - focus on alignment.

On Tuesday, Jupiter, the friendly planet of expansion, sextiles Pluto, the planet of transformation, providing abundant potential for healing and regeneration. This is an energy for tapping into internal power and releasing the parts of our past that are no longer aligned. All of this is enhanced with Pluto retrograde and Jupiter being tail end of Pisces. This aspect signals a powerful chance to create your own luck and fortune on a grand scale. On Thursday, the sun makes its annual conjunction to Uranus, the great liberator, agent of change and planet of revolutionary enlightenment. An energy designed to deliver a shock to our systems. Due to Uranus’ involvement in the 4/30 solar eclipse, this conjunction may activate the potentially destabilizing shifts and changes playing out, collectively and individually, as part of the eclipse story.

Allow the radical energies of change to empower and provide courage as you take your next step. Eclipse energies are still *very* strong and we have a total lunar eclipse on May 15th, so my advice is to continue seeking inner stabilization while allowing the eclipses to move you and align you with your fate. If unexpected events happen, try to flow with it and trust that it’s happening for you and aligning you with your fate.

This week the sun, which accounts for 70% of the neutrino influence, finishes in transit through Gate 24, The Return, which was the location of the 4/30 solar eclipse and carries an energy for the natural and spontaneous process of transformation and renewal. On Wednesday the sun enters Gate 2, The Receptive, also called Gate of the Direction of Self, or The Driver. This gate is our inner compass and the ‘higher’ knowing of Gate 2 is rooted in the direction of the self towards love and beauty via the Magnetic Monopole, the Driver, which is located in this gate. Gate 2 also deals with the illusion of separation, and with Uranus currently positioned in this gate, I believe this is reflective of the global awakening we are currently experiencing.

Overall, the magic of this gate (and this week) is reminding us that when we live correctly and according to our strategy & design, we receive impulses that help guide us on our path. We have abundant potential for self-empowerment when we follow our creative and individual direction in life.

This is an extremely fertile and potent energy, therefore I highly recommend booking a consultation if you feel called to do so. Book here.


Questions to ask self and journal prompts:

  • As Venus begins a new cycle, what new cycle am I beginning pertain to love, beauty and self worth?

  • What would I do if I were fearless and knew I couldn’t fail?

  • Where is my passion and creative energy currently guiding me?

  • What radical shifts do I seek to make?

  • Who am I?

Ways to utilize the energy:

  • Funnel passion and creativity into projects that strengthen your sense of self.

  • This is a big week for gaining clarity around identity and direction.


ARIES: With Venus now in your sign or first house of identity, your magnetism is enhanced making this is a great time to get clear on who and what you wish to attract and call into your life. This is also a good week to reflect on professional ambitions as the Jupiter-Pluto sextile light up and connect your meditative 12th house with the career section of your chart. Financial shake-ups or changes are to be expected with Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in your 2nd house.

TAURUS: The sun’s conjunction to Uranus in your sign or first house of identity is activating an incredible amount of change, as is this entire eclipse cycle. Your job is to trust the process. Fortunately, Venus, your ruling planet, enters your introspective 12th house providing clarity to matters of your psyche and subconscious. This is a good energy for reflecting on unconscious triggers and beautifying your subconscious so it can bloom flowers into your physical reality when Venus enters your sign on May 28th. Furthering the efforts is the Jupiter-Pluto sextile on Tuesday, which amplifies your intuition and connects your visionary 11th house with the 9th house of beliefs. Change is the name of the game right now.

GEMINI: Venus in Aries activates your social sector making it a great time to network, socialize and meet new people. Tuesday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile lights up your career and money sectors - this is a strong signal that whatever you’re focused on will likely amplify, so make sure you’re focused on that which you want to grow. On Thursday, the sun conjoins Uranus in your 12th house of introspective connecting you deeply with your intuition. And with Mercury nearing a retrograde, this is another invitation and signal to connect with and lean on your intuition, not just your logic.

CANCER: Venus in Aries enters your 10th house of career and public image, an aspect that can do wonders for your professional life. Get clear on whose eyes and attention you wish to attract, and then take aligned actions. An Aries 10th house requires action on your part to receive the desired accolades and promotions. Intensity and changes in relationships are expected this week as the sun and Uranus conjoin in the social sector of your chart. Embrace change and follow your passion.

LEO: Venus in Aries enters your 9th house of travel and higher-learning activating a spark for adventure and expansion. While the Jupiter-Pluto sextile creates a powerful portal connecting your 8th house of shared resources and intimacy with your 6th house of wellness and routine, a favorable energy for creating empowering habits. Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction activates changes in your career. Stand strong, look good obviously, and allow the waves of change to align you with your fate.

VIRGO: Venus in Aries lights up your 8th house of shared resources, vulnerability and eroticism, activating an empowering rich bitch, bad bitch type of energy. Own it. However, at the same time - if you’re struggling to embody that energy, this aspect can help you reflect on and mend the deeper, subconscious reasons, such as issues with worthiness and scarcity. Tuesday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile activates a portal connecting the fertile energies of your creative sector with your partnership sector. While Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in your 9th house activates a plot twist to your current story. Be mindful of your beliefs and the role they’re playing in the writing of your fate.

LIBRA: Venus, your ruling planet, enters your 7th house activating a relationship renaissance. This four-week cycle will illuminate what is and what isn’t working in your relationships. Tuesday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile activates an empowering portal of transformation connecting your homelife and security with routines and wellness. Great energy for cleaning the home and getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy. Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in your 8th house of shared resources and intimacy activates change and ushers in spontaneous energy.

SCORPIO: Venus in Aries enters your 6th house activating a spark to focus on health, routine and wellness. As an intuitive water sign you understand the role your well-being plays in all areas of your life, including relationships, which are a strong focal point with the eclipses and the sun-Uranus conjunction on Thursday, which activates changes and excitement in your relationships. Tuesday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile creates a portal connecting your creativity and communication with your sense of stability and homelife. Be very mindful of the words you speak - for they create the house you live in.

SAGITTARIUS: Venus in Aries lights up the fertile energies of your 5th house, activating new levels of passion, creativity, and play. While the Jupiter-Pluto sextile creates a powerful connection between your finances and homelife. This rare aspect between your ruler and transformative pluto can have a Law of Attraction in action type of effort - so be mindful of what you’re attracting. Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in your 6th house of health and routine shakes things up in your day-to-day living, and provides a jumpstart to wellness routines if you’ve been lacking motivation. This eclipse season for you is about balancing the metaphysical and spiritual realm with that of the physical.

CAPRICORN: Venus in Aries shines a spotlight on your family and homelife for the next 4 weeks, activating an energy to beautify and bless the special people and places in your life. Tuesday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile creates an energy of transformation and expansion connecting your 1st house of self with creativity, communication and local community. With this aspect increasing your magnetism, people will likely be eager to know what’s on your mind and heart. Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in your 5th house activates sudden changes in your creativity and romance sector.

AQUARIUS: Venus in Aries lights up your 3rd house of communication. Under this aspect you’re likely to draw in new people, possibly those in your local community, who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. The Jupiter-Pluto sextile creates a powerful portal of transformation connecting your subconscious to the energies of abundance in your 2nd of resources. This is a Law of Attraction in action type of aspect, so be very mindful of what abundance your subconscious, including your beliefs, allows to manifest in your physical reality. Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction activates something surprising or unexpected in your homelife.

PISCES: Venus in Aries blasts into your 2nd house igniting a four-week period of abundance in your financial and values sector. A great energy for attracting wealth, and for reflecting on the connection your feelings of personal worth and value have on your physical bank account. Tuesday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile creates a powerful connection between your social circle and your personal identity. Follow your intuition when connecting and meeting new people, as someone may play an important role in elevating your status. Quite possibly this individual could be someone in your local community as Thursday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in your 3rd house signals sudden changes in your communication and local community.


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