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Energy and Guidance: May 16th - May 22nd

The waves of the total lunar eclipse carry on.

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We begin the week with the sun in Gate 8, Contribution, which carries the energy of contribution, rebellion and authenticity. This gate highlights our ability to make a contribution to the world through our radical authenticity. It carries the awareness and understanding that leads to acceptance of diversity.

Having just experienced a total lunar eclipse in the opposite Gate of 14, we are being asked embody our skills and authenticity in order to be of service and make a contribution.

On Wednesday May 18th, Mars (planet of action and ruler of Aries) joins Neptune (planet compassion and spirituality). This is a great energy for tapping into your inner spiritual warrior, and closing out any outdated narratives or storylines. Mars will enter its home sign of Aries on May 25th signalling a powerful new beginning and supercharging of our personal identity. So make the shifts now!

On Friday the Sun enters Gemini kicking off the season of curiosity and socializing. This will bring an energetic shift, however Mercury (Gemini’s rulers) is still retrograde - so this is still an energy for revising and allowing all contrast to provide clarity.

Then on Sunday, Mercury retrograde dips back into Taurus - helping us find clarity in some of the confusion experienced the past few weeks, and helps us ground it into practical applications going forward.

Questions to ask self and journal prompts:

  • How canI practice radical authenticity?

  • What gifts do I need to share with the world? (Be of service)

  • Where could I benefit from additional clarity?

Ways to utilize the energy:

  • Mix things up and gain new experiences.

  • Pick back up and revise an old project.

  • Continue revising outdated narratives and embody the energy of the new.


ARIES: The sun will be entering your 3rd house shining a spotlight on your communication sector. Make the most of it by having lots of interesting things to discuss - however, try to listen to others as much as you speak.

TAURUS: The sun enters your 2nd house of resources and values, shining a spotlight on who you are, your values and how you show up in the world.

GEMINI: The sun enters your 1st house, shining a spotlight on your identity and direction. Continue allowing the Mercury retrograde vibes to provide clarity, dots are likely to start connecting when Mercury enters Taurus on Sunday.

CANCER: Sun enters your 12th house of reflection, signaling a period of introspection. If you feel extra emotional, create. If you feel extra exhausted, rest.

LEO: Sun enters your 11th house and your networking and social sector lights up. So get out there and socialize, some conversations and even new contacts may play a role in business direction.

VIRGO: Sun enters your 10th house of public image and career, but as Mercury is still retrograde, this is primetime for gaining clarity - answers are likely to arrive when Mercury dips back into Taurus. The confusion will make sense, and you'll better understand what you want to be part of your story going forward.

LIBRA: Sun enters your 9th shining a spotlight on beliefs and expansion. On Sunday Mercury dips back into your 8th house helping to deepen your relationships.

SCORPIO: Sun enters your 8th house shining a spotlight on and amplifying the healing you've been doing the past few weeks. Mercury retrogrades back into your 7th house on Sunday helping you make sense of recent confusion through the lens of relationships.

SAGITTARIUS: With Venus in your 5th house of romance and now the sun in your 7th house of relationships - there's a ton of energy for connecting. When Mercury retrogrades back into your 6th house, you'll see how everything going on right now connected to your health and routines.

CAPRICORN: Sun enters your 6th house of wellness and day-to-day routines, reminding you that how you do something is how you do everything. On Sunday Mercury retrogrades back into your 5th house helping connect you with your passion and joy.

AQUARIUS: Sun enters your 5th house shining a spotlight on creativity and romance. Considering it's joining Mercury retrograde, if you haven't already received a text from or had a run in with an ex - this might be the week!

PISCES: Sun enters your 4th house shining a spotlight on home and family. If you've had any recent miscommunication or hiccups at home, you're likely to find clarity this week on such matters. When Mercury re-enters your 3rd house on Sunday, you may even notice how the miscommunication is directly tied to your communication, or lack of.


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About Ashley Mosaic: I'm a performance coach that has created a practice utilizing both modern and traditional astrology, human design, and NLP in order to provide my clients with grounded guidance, shift limiting beliefs and create guides for easily and joyfully manifesting their desires and living their dharma. I'm also passionate about blockchain, Web3 and helping to educate and onboard people in order to align with the available prosperity and future trends. And as the founder of KindaKind, I'm extremely passionate about the positive change and social impact blockchain technology can have on the world.

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