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Aries New Moon - Guidance and Horoscopes

New cycle and an invitation to solidify identity, embrace fearlessness and align with values.

New Moon is when the sun and moon join at the same place in the sky. Signalling the beginning of a new lunar cycle, it is also symbolic of the masculine (sun) coming together with the feminine (moon), giving birth to new life, intentions, cycles and growth.

The energies can be utilized and experienced individually (setting of intentions and beginning new cycles), but also collectively and within the realm of physical creation. For centuries, farmers have been utilizing the permaculture technique of growing with the moon. The moon is *that* powerful.

This New Moon is happening in the sign of Aries, which is the first sign of zodiac and the beginning of the zodiac wheel. Ruled by Mars, it’s symbolic of the blast of consciousness when spirit enters body and says “I am.” This is the sign of identity.

Putting those together - general themes of new moons + themes for Aries - we now have a new cycle that is associated with our identity.

Now we look to the other aspects occuring in the sky at the same moment.

The sun and moon join together at 11 degrees of Aries. They are sandwiched right between Chiron (our wound and place of vulnerability) and Mercury (the planet of communication).

While Pisces season was about transcendence and closure - spirit leaving the body, Aries season is about beginnings. Sometimes a fresh start requires a clean slate, meaning Aries moons can first manifest as a destabilizing event. However, it's all designed to serve as a catalyst for growth.

This new moon is an invitation to solidify our identity and align with our core truth. While showing us that our pain isn’t something to run from, rather something to move towards and through. Our pain and vulnerabilities needn’t define or limit us, but rather guide us through a journey that defines our strength. Absence of pain, fear and vulnerability isn’t what makes us strong - it’s what we do with and despite of carrying those very things.

In the sign of Aquarius, we have Mars (ruler of Aries and ruler of this new moon) conjoining Saturn (restriction and mastery), asteroid Juno (commitment) and Venus (values and love) - inviting us to lean on those strengths and commit to our newly solidified identity and core truths. In doing so, this new beginning will receive the blessing of a sextile from asteroid Vesta, which represents our deepest devotion and fire within.

I hope you devote to yourself, deeply.

This new moon occurs in Human Design Gate 21, Biting Through, also called Gate of the Hunter/Huntress. Which signifies the justified and necessary use of power in overcoming deliberate and persistent interference.

In the 3rd line, Powerlessness, it is asking us to notice where we are admitting defeat and feeling powerless. Gate 21 connects to Gate 45, and creates the Channel of the Money Line. Those with Gate 45, now have greater access to the energies of that channel, but likely everyone has money on their mind.

Money isn't simply a resource for the exchange of goods - money is an energy. One that directly relates to our security, well-being and what we deem of worth and value. Therefore money is deeply correlated with our sense of self-worth and value - both in terms of what we value, and in how much value we believe to hold or carry. Which in turn reflects our identity. It's an energy that allows for one to attract and maintain wealth, and in doing so, not only take care of themselves, but others.

Questions to ask self and journal prompts:

  • Who am I?

  • Am I confident in my ability to express myself and my opinions?

Ways to utilize the energy:

  • Initiate a powerful new beginning.

  • Affirm your identity and reality; create powerful “I am” statements.

Individual horoscopes - check for rising and sun sign.

ARIES/ARIES RISING: With Mercury conjunct the new moon in your 1st house of self and identity, this is an invitation to get clear on identity, goals, and direction. With Mars, your ruler, linked up with Saturn and Venus in your 11th house of groups and friends, there’s also an emphasis on using your strong leadership abilities for the greater good.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: All the energy in your 12th house is activating a powerful blast to the subconscious designed to remove any lingering cobwebs and activate your mode of genius. This is an invitation to recognize and affirm your mode of genius, and then lean into it. Lean into it so far that it starts leading you.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: With Mercury, your ruler, linked up with the new moon in your 11th house, there’s a strong emphasis on groups of friends, humanitarianism and networking. This is an important time to move beyond any insecurities and take your rightful place in society. There’s good to be done that only you can do.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: The blast of energy in your 10th house of career and public image, is a CTA to put your best foot forward and get to work. Find the message in your mess and share it with the world. The world needs your gifts and wisdom.

LEO/LEO RISING: If feeling a little restless, all the energy in your 9th house of travel, higher-learning and spirituality is an invitation to explore and expand your mind. Whether it’s hopping on a plane, or just getting lost in a good book - mixing things up and seeking inspiration (or allowing it to find you) will help you gain new perspectives and clarity on big-picture plans and goals.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: With Mercury, your ruler, linked up with the new moon in your 8th house of debts and intimacy, this is a good time to do a deep cleaning and take care of important matters, such as finances - doing so will allow you better amplify the resources of others. Also, Venus, Mars and Saturn are in your 6th house reminding you that how you do something, is how you do everything. The little things lay the groundwork for the big things.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: All the energy in your 7th house is shining a spotlight on your relationships. If there’s any important conversations that need to be had, now’s a great time - aim to listen and get your point across while maintaining your typical diplomacy. With Saturn, Venus and Mars in your 5th house, any frictions you’re currently experiencing may boil down to creative and sexual frustration. Have some fun.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: With Mercury and the new moon in your 6th house, there’s a spotlight shining on health and routine. This is a good time to jumpstart healthy routines and initiate rituals that help keep the day-to-day running smoothly. With Saturn, Mars and Venus in your 4th house of home, a revamping of routines will likely spruce and freshen things up at home.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: As Mercury and the new moon conjoin in your 5th house, and Mars and Venus transit through your 3rd house, there’s a spotlight shining on your creative channels. Follow the spark and put the inspiration to a purpose - make it easy for Jupiter to continue blessing your 4th house of home.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: The new moon and Mercury conjunct in your 4th house is shining a spotlight on your foundation and home life. This is an invitation to begin a new cycle within the realm of home, family and personal security. A reminder that vulnerability isn’t a weakness, and although communicating feelings is sometimes easier said than done - words are likely to bring a powerful source of healing this month.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: With Mercury and the new moon in your communication sector, there’s an emphasis on creative expression. And with Saturn, Mars and Venus in your 1st house of identity and self, this is a powerful time to initiate creative endeavors that enhance your sense of self. Efforts that could translate into financial gains as Jupiter continues to move through your 2nd house.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: The blast of energy in your 2nd house of finances is an invitation to begin a new financial cycle, but that may require cutting some ties or healing some wounds that negatively impact your self-worth. If processing issues regarding material needs, you’re likely to realize the connection they have to larger issues in your life through talking it out. Jupiter is still in your 1st house of identity, but will soon be in Aries, your 2nd house, so give it a good financial structure to bless and expand.


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About Ashley Mosaic: I'm an empowerment coach and professional astrologer that has created a practice utilizing both modern and traditional astrology, human design, and NLP in order to provide my clients with grounded guidance, shift limiting beliefs and create guides for easily and joyfully manifesting their desires and living their dharma. I'm also passionate about blockchain, Web3 and helping to educate and onboard people in order to align with the available prosperity and future trends.

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