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Recent client testimonials:

Ashley's positive encouragement makes me want to rise to a challenge and learn to surf the waves of life rather than fear any incoming energies. I feel a sense of renewal and realignment with my intentions and purpose.


I recently listened to our session's audio and it is WILD some of the insights I've had since then and how all the puzzle pieces fit into place. I SO appreciate all you share - the insights and wisdom - I feel like you unlock parts of my brain and things begin to make more sense. I am so grateful for your influence.


Working with Ashley is therapy mixed with church. Every session unlocks another level where simultaneously the past makes sense and the road to the future appears clear.


The way Ashley blends multiple systems, such as astro and human design, paints a multidimensional picture and path. I didn't realize the extent of guidance that's available to us all. Like personal how-to guides.