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Gate/Key 1: Creativity and Freshness

gene keys human design source codes Nov 05, 2023
human design gate 1 gene key 1

Written by Ashley Mosaic, 1/4 Generator with Cross of Maya 4 and conscious sun in Gate 61 ~ Read full list of Gates/Keys here.

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In Human Design, the official name for this positioning is The Creative or Gate of Self-Expression. This energy contains the drive and deep need to focus on expressing oneself in unique and creative ways. The primary purpose of this energy is to create something powerful and new, possibly out of nothing; like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, a creative expression rooted in authenticity emerges from a void. This energy reminds us that like all things in nature, our creativity is also cyclical. Whether one has this energy defined in their blueprint or not, the sun's transit through this position, encourages us to connect deeply with our cycles of creativity and self-expression. 


Official Name in Human Design: The Creative or Gate of Self-Expression

Purpose: Connect with cycles of creativity and self-expression.

Human Design definition: Creativity as a primal force. The energy potential to manifest inspiration without limitation. Individual expression fulfilled through interaction.

Core theme: To initiate creative expression

Core wound: Numbness

Body graph location: G-Center, connecting to Throat via Gate 8

Grounding energy: Unity and receptivity, Gate 2.

Tropical astrology sign: Scorpio

Gene Keys: Freshness | Entropy -> Freshness -> Beauty

I Ching: The Creative (Qián)

Those with this defined in their charts contain a deep desire to live out the true creative nature of their authentic individuality. However as an Individual energy, rarely is this expression concerned with being the best, as that's a comparative trait of the collective - rather this is about being so true to the creative process, that something new and fresh is birthed. 

When the sun, which represents 70% of the neutrino influence, passes through this gate, we all experience the effects as there's a spotlight on creative expression, authenticity, and empowerment. The sun's transit through this positioning provides the energy for creativity that inspires and impacts, while reminding that impact via expression requires interaction with the world.

  • The high-frequency expression of this energy is connecting with the cycles of creativity to emerge something new and fresh from the void. 
  • The low-frequency expression of this energy is numbness from periods of melancholy, and criticism of one's creative expression.  

My personal experience:

I have this energy defined with my conscious Mars, making it my EQ. I deeply resonate with the cyclical nature of this energy, as I ebb and flow between periods of melancholy when this energy is 'off' and highs when this energy is activated. I have learned to embrace all phases in the cycle, because from the void of nothing, beauty and freshness always emerge. The off is essential for the impact and authenticity of the on.

Human Design: Gate 1 - The Creative

This Gate is part of the Channel of Inspiration, A Design of being a Creative Role Model, linking the G Center (Gate 1) to the Throat Center (Gate 8). Gate 1 is part of the Individual (Knowing) Circuit with the keynote of empowerment.

Gate 1 is the drive and deep need to focus on expressing oneself in unique and creative ways. Those that carry this gate are not typically concerned with being the best, rather are driven to simply want to live out their true creative nature, and authentic individuality. For these individuals, it is typically when they are happily absorbed in their creative processes, and not aware of any attention they're attracting, that they are creating the greatest impact through being a creative role model.

As those with this energy exemplify new ways of expressing authentic self, they empower others to consider new perspectives or new ways of being in the world - possibly even inspiring a change of creative direction.

Creativity inspires others by example, and for impact to be properly felt and appreciated, it must be seen or heard. This requires interaction with the world.

Those with this energy but without Gate 8 in their design, tend to have a difficult time marketing their work. Due to this, they are often drawn to people with Gate 8, which is akin to the of Publicist, as they are typically better equipped, or in a better position, to promote our work for Gate 1.

Gene Keys: 1st Key - From Entropy to Freshness

Gene Key 1 is a journey from the shadow of Entropy to the gift of Freshness and, ultimately, the siddhi of Beauty. It signifies the evolution from a state of numbness, melancholy, and being in a void, to an empowering surge of creativity and self-expression, that inspires and impacts everyone it touches. We are guided to Freshness to transcend and transform Entropy and create Beauty.

Shadow: Entropy

Gene Key 1 introduces us to the concept of "Entropy" in its shadow aspect. In this state, individuals might experience a sense of stagnation, chaos, and a lack of purpose. Entropy represents the disorder and disarray that can cloud our creative potential and obscure our path to beauty.

Gift: Freshness

As we progress along the journey of Gene Key 1, we move beyond the shadow of entropy and step into the gift of "Freshness." This gift is a state of renewal and rejuvenation. It signifies a deep appreciation for the simplicity and purity of life, akin to the freshness of a new day. In this state, individuals find inspiration and vitality in the world around them.

Siddhi: Beauty

At its highest expression, Gene Key 1 reaches the siddhi of "Beauty." Beauty here goes beyond aesthetic appeal. It represents the profound beauty of existence, the underlying harmony and elegance that permeate all aspects of life. Those who attain this siddhi see and appreciate the beauty in the world, themselves, and others. They radiate this beauty, inspiring and uplifting those around them.

I Ching: 1st Hexagram - The Creative

Hexagram 1 in the I Ching, titled "The Creative," signifies the beginning, the genesis of all things. It represents the pure, unmanifested potential and the creative force that underlies the universe. It's the energy of initiation, the spark of inspiration that sets the wheels of creation in motion. 

In summary, this energy is a transformative journey from the shadow of entropy through the gift of freshness to the siddhi of beauty. It invites us to move from disorder and chaos to a state of renewal and ultimately, to a profound recognition of the inherent beauty in the world and within ourselves.

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