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Hi, I'm Ashley

Empowerment & mindset guide who uses astrology, human design & EFT to help my clients find clarity & create the life of their dreams.  

For as long as I can remember, my connection to the stars has been a staple in my life. What originally started as childhood dreams of being an astronaut along with years of studying the stars through an astronomical lens, eventually led to the studying of those same stars, through an astrological lens, as well.

While my personal journey with astrology spans decades, my professional practice and the development of my signature method has been about 12 years in the making.

In 2010 I gained awareness of Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws, which gave a name and container to concepts I always felt to be true. Understanding the importance of positivity, and recognizing a lack of positive news and content, I created KindaKind. Noticing the immediate benefits of consuming positive content, I wanted to take this practice of Law of Attraction deeper, so I began studying various philosophers. Few years later, I took a deep dive into astrology and connected the dots between the metaphysical, philosophical and celestial realm.

Upon finding myself constantly repeating the same cycles and needing to relearn the same lessons, I sought out additional modalities. That search connected me with Human Design, which allowed me to learn my energy dynamics and see my design and life journey from a different perspective.

Despite having the knowledge and firm grasp on these various concepts and modalities, I still felt 'stuck' and that's when I realized that information is a tool, one that is only as good as how we put it to use. So I created a system that combines the knowledge of these modalities, with practices that shift our energy dynamics and allow for us to not only become 'unstuck' - but to align with and manifest our desires. With my practice that combines astrology, human design, tapping/emotional freedom technique and NLP, our birth chart becomes a road map to our destiny. 

Astrology is a tool for self-acceptance and
understanding, as it provides a visual guide of our strengths, challenges, and life themes, while showing a map for how one can most easily and joyfully align and manifest with their desires.​ My signature practice utilizes both modern and traditional astrology, human design, Emotional Freedom Technique and NLP in order to provide my clients with grounded guidance, shift limiting beliefs, help them find the most effective path to aligning with their desires, while providing accountability and support along the way. 

Not only do I teach this practice, I live it. This is the work that has allowed me to gain greater levels of self-awareness and understanding. It has been the guide to my truth; helping me shed the parts of myself that I've outgrown, or only carried as a result of conditioning and trauma. With this work, I've healed the parts of myself that resonated with the 'quiet, sensitive girl' to the young woman who felt deeply unlovable and was seen crying on reality tv, to now - Ashley Mosaic - the empowered and most authentic version of myself. In the true fashion of a mosaic, my life is now a work of art, encompassing various broken bits and pieces now structured in a way that is whole, beautiful, empowering and of my own creating.

I'm also extremely passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency, where I've been investing and researching the past 6 years. There's an incredible amount of crossover between astrology and work in the financial sector: charting, noticing patterns, predicting future trends and creating gameplans to benefit from them, etc. Therefore, my work also incorporates financial astrology and helping to educate and onboard people into the world of Web3.

Once we heal our fragmented parts and operate in an effective manner for our energy, we're better able to align with our destiny and not only notice opportunities, but create, attract and benefit from them. Personal alignment results in alignment with universal cycles. It all begins with you, and I would love to help.

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